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No money and cost? Let Yacht coating consultancy from Klaveren tell you how to do it

Generally, we will use the necessary marine maintenance products to keep the best use of the yacht. Today, with the rapid development of communications and artificial intelligence, technology is also advancing rapidly, we found a new generation of yacht coatings. It saves costs and time. Today we tested this efficient nano-ceramic coating on a yacht, and here are the results of our research.

What is a nano-ceramic coating?

In simple terms, nano-ceramic coatings are composed of tiny particles, which can be firmly adhered to the support. After drying, a shiny (but not oily) protective film is formed on the entire surface to protect the hull. Protected from UV rays and dirt, and makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

Suitable environment

The most important job of painting nano-ceramic coatings is to prepare the surface for painting. It needs to be perfectly polished and cleaned without any pollution (oil, dust, etc.). At the same time, the picture must be performed in dry weather. Painting the surface. It should also be kept dry for 12 hours.

Another Advantage

In addition to making the hull beautiful, nano-ceramic coatings have many benefits. First of all, the shell coated with a nano-ceramic coating is easy to maintain. It only requires simple cleaning (note: only low-pH soaps such as boat washing liquid can use sponges or soft brushes).

Also, the coating protects the hull from UV radiation, eliminating the need for polishing and waxing every few months, saving us a lot of work time. Besides, ships using nano-ceramic coatings can maintain good condition in the next few years. They will have a high resale value even at the second-hand market.

Nano-ceramic coatings are even more valuable for super yachts, which can protect the ship from UV and weathering, acid rain, salt and seawater, lime, oil, exhaust gas and dirt. At the same time, due to the non-slip nature of the nano-ceramic coating, it can also be used on the upper deck and buildings of yachts, and even on sailing boats.

Sum up

If you have a yacht and have time to maintain it, you can feel free to leave it to us. If you have any ideas about yacht coatings, you can share with us. Our professional coating consultants will answer all your questions for free.