New Build Inspections / refit inspections

The quality of service preparation and application of a good coating system is the foundation for a successful, long lasting coating system.

  • Surface preparation; from steel dressing, straightness inspections just after the construction phase of the yacht but prior to blasting/ grinding of the steel/ aluminum substrate, check for soluble salts and chlorides, blasting inspections till the surface preparation prior to the topcoat and all stages in between. 
  • Dry Film thickness; from the first primer till the intermediate primers prior to topcoats and tank coating systems.
  • Show coat; If applicable the show coat will be visually assessed to have a first impression of the achieved quality of the fairness after filler and primer applications.
  • Topcoat appearance; The topcoat appearance is examined visually. In addition, depending on the agreed specifications/ criteria, the orange peel, gloss, color and DOI measurements can be taken.

During the warranty period of the yacht or is the yacht simply due for a refit a detailed assessment of the exterior coating is offered. This includes;

  • A full visual survey of the exterior paint of the yacht. During this survey paint defects, corrosion and other defects such as, but not limited to, damages will be recorded.
  • Besides the visual assessment of the coating also orange peel, gloss, color and DOI measurements can be taken to calculate and report the diminution of the gloss and color (warranty survey).
  • With the result of the status/ warranty survey a scope of work can be drafted by Coating Consultancy van Klaveren for the refit- or warranty works to be performed.  In addition and in collaboration with the client acceptance criteria can be drafted (refit survey).

Status/ warranty surveys

Tank coating

1. Blasting
2. Stripe
3. Final

Ongoing assessments of the condition of potable water, grey water and black water tanks is a critical factor, but in yachting often neglected. A thorough assessment of the current conditions provides the necessary information for the safe operation of the tank(s) and the ultimate protection resulting in reducing the costs.

  • To evaluate the condition of the tank coating in percentage broken/ damaged.
  • With the result of the survey a scope of work can be drafted by Coating Consultancy van Klaveren for the refit- or warranty works to be performed

Coating Consultancy van Klaveren will prepare after each inspection a report during the project. These reports contain all relevant information regarding the inspections or examinations that have been carried out. 

The relevant information of the inspection reports consists out of a clear description of the areas inspected, assessment results, rework recommendations and directions for further proceedings and photos that will give a clear indication of the quality of the works. 

After completion of all paint works, Coating Consultancy van Klaveren prepares a final survey report that fully documents the technical and the agreed contractual cosmetic parameters of the paint system applied. All the measurements taken during the final survey will be added to the report as an annex. 

The final survey report in combination with the inspection reports will also enable the shipyard to have a 3rd party insurance contract.



Coating Consultancy van Klaveren is much more than just another paint inspection company. 

We can guide you through the whole process beginning already at the design stage of the yacht. Due to the unique design of the yacht these days potential design issues can cause problems painting the yacht or the tanks such as there are sharp corners, piping placed to close the bulkheads and so on. 

Coating Consultancy van Klaveren can review the contracts and paint specifications. In addition, we draft documents such as the paint acceptance criteria, paint manual, paint inspection plan (P.I.P) and inspection/ release forms. Furthermore Coating Consultancy van Klaveren will monitor and review all documents made by for example the construction department or applicator during the build of the yacht.

In this way we can prevent many paint issues and discussions during and after finalizing the paint works on the yacht. Coating Consultancy van Klaveren relieves you in this way, in the field of paint, with our customized services.