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Coating consultant tell you how to test the performance of the yacht coating

You usually let your yacht immersed in seawater for a long time. The marine creatures inevitably cause severe damage to the yacht. Because the immersing will increase the yacht’s weight and frictional resistance of itself. Then it reduces the performance of the yacht and adding fuel consumption. It will also accelerate the corrosion of the yacht and shorten its life. Today our yacht coating consultant will tell you how to test the performance of the yacht coating.

1. Detection and analysis of ship bottom coating

Bottom coatings need to have excellent seawater resistance and antifouling properties. Therefore, the antifouling paint on the bottom of the ship is one of the crucial products in yacht coatings. It uses the principle that the paint film formed by the antifouling agent slowly dissolves in seawater, thereby preventing marine life from attaching to the bottom of the ship. When you find that your yacht’s fuel consumption has increased, it’s time to test the base coating.

2. Detection and analysis of waterline coating, outboard coating and deck coating

You can find us to do the testing for you. Waterline, outboards, and decks are incredibly susceptible to corrosion due to wet and dry alternating effects, damage caused by wave shock, and ageing caused by ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, the coatings of these parts should have Good seawater corrosion resistance and excellent physical and mechanical properties, wear resistance, impact resistance and weather resistance.

3. Detection and analysis of cargo tank coatings

Cargo tank coatings are usually composed of pure epoxy coatings and asphalt coatings, both of which are excellent oil resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance. They can meet the requirements of oil resistance and seawater resistance of cargo tanks. You can contact professional yacht consultants to provide you with test reports.

Yacht coating is also regularly updated. According to the statistics of relevant test data, when the marine biological fouling is 5%, the resistance is equivalent to twice the clean surface, and the fuel consumption increases by 10%. Therefore, to improve the life of the yacht and save costs, you may have to require a lot of human and material resources for frequent and regular maintenance.

Of course, you can also find us if you are in trouble. We can provide free consulting service.